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Poised Creation Showcases some of the best and most interesting Artists anywhere! We believe that the culture of an area is highly correlated with the art coming from that locale. Paintings, sculptures, and graphic art are a few of the artists we like to showcase. 

Please take some time to browse our featured artists. If you feel inspired or motivated from any of the art you see feel free to pass that artist's name along, discuss them on our Facebook Group for Poised Creation, or contact the artist and relay your supportive thoughts. 

We look at art as a positive source of pride and effort in our communities. Arts can expand our minds, emit an emotion, or conjure up a long lost memory. In any case the visual stimuli is a human perspective we can all participate in and learn from. Poised Creation seeks to be an avenue in which the arts can be showcased! 

If you or someone you know is a talented artist, please feel free to encourage them to join Poised Creation. We often accept new artists and help showcase their art to the communities they live along with many other places they would never suspect their arts would reach!

As always we thank you for supporting your local ARTISTS and Poised Creation! 

Check out Poised Creation's Art Archive. We have gathered all the artists featured through our website and placed them in our Art Archives! Click below to check out our Artists' archive.


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