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Can't get data from youtube.
Probable causes listed below:

1. Youtube username or Playlist is not valid with your selection. Please set the parameters correctly from module manager

2. It might also be a problem with CURL library or your server config

Reply from youtube:

No longer available
Family Tree - Casey Frazier & His Jolly Good Band
Cody Jasper - LOCKED UP (Official Video) Homesick
KNIFIGHT - DARK VOICES (Official Music Video)
Jobe Wilson Band-Like The Rain
Shed Sessions: EP: 1
Tiebreaker - The Getaway (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
Casey Frazier - "If we grew old..." brand new song!
Cody Jasper Evil Woman Rough Cut
Cody Jasper Band 2013 "Someday"
Cody Jasper - Cherry Pie
Tiebreaker - Gypsy (Live @ Blueshelga 2011)
Jobe Wilson Band - Bang Bang Shoot em Up
Casey Frazier original song "At least Luna knows... "
"Elysian Fields" Casey Frazier
Casey Frazier at Fulton 55 // Cali Summers
Turbine Toolshed: I'm Leaving You Today
Cody Jasper - Someday - April 2011 (Bat Bar - Austin, Texas)

Poised Creation TV

Poised Creation TV brings you the arts from all of our categories. Its a glimpse into various live performances. Gallery videos. And Photo Slide shows. 

We have exciting plans in store with PC TV. Our focus is to bring you the arts in ways that previously were difficult or impossible.

Rather than build in unnecessary "reality drama", we believe in portraying our musicians and artists in a positive light! Showcasing the great talents as their reality. We are lucky the artists have built their projects, confidence, and courage to provide us a glimpse into new perspectives. And we vow to treat it as such. 

We rely on everyone to help us identify those arts and artists that make our culture more interesting and pleasurable. If you would like to share with us...please join our Facebook Group. We have found this is our favorite domain to discuss artists.

Posts that receive enough positive attention and contingent upon the artist's cooperation, we will add it to PC TV. 

THANK YOU! We appreciate your support of local artists and musicians and Poised Creation! 


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