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We Deliver Satisfaction

Here is where we give you the whole break down! Everything you need to understand Poised Creation and get around our website. We seek to deliver a satisfactory experience at Poised Creation. We hope you find the artists showcases as interesting as we do. We are very passionate about sharing local and unseen artists. If you are not sure what Poised Creation is about please read our about us page by clicking below.  

We go far and wide to search out some of the best artists. We feel that art can take various forms. Currently we feature 3 arts. These are Artists such as Painters and Graphic artist, Musicians, and Photographers. On the website you will see our 3 categories of artists. 






These pages will show you the Artists Showcases and give you a nice little link to the archives that allows fans to browse a list of other honorable artists. Click on any of the following links to view the archives of their respectable category. 






If you are wishing to see our most updated list of artists added to the Poised Creation family click below to view our "New PC Artists".

You can take a quick gander at the locations of where the featured artists reside. (note: exact locations of artists are kept confidential, locations on map should be considered only an approximate location of the artist)

Poised Creation is working on building a Nation. ha It is a nation of local cities breaking out of culture traps and discussing the arts and music in their lives and city. We will be growing city by city working with each and building out our nation!! We collectively can restore the balance of arts and diversity of our culture. Help us awake our communities  and begin to celebrate the genius that art truly is. 


Another super super integral component to the functioning of Poised Creation and its support of the arts is through the help of our partners. We work with some of the very best artists out there however, it often goes unmentioned that we work some the highest quality and detail driven partners. If you have not checked out our Golden List of Partners then please take the time to view them, get to know them, and call on them for any services you need. We deliver satisfaction and assure you they will too!! 

We are always looking to add new artists here. We have many avenues in which to submit your arts to us. The best way to catch us is to submit your art through this website. We will take all submissions of art and view these monthly.

There is a committee that is made up of 12 various artists, musicians, and everyday fans. They will critique the submissions and decide upon which artists will be featured in Poised Creation. This selective program asks that artists submit upto once a year only. We do have other opportunities for the Poised Creation community to see art that does not make it on the website. Read further for details. But first if you believe you would like to submit your art to Poised Creation please click on the appropriate category of your art. And submit the needed information. We will get back to you in 3-6 weeks. 


If you art interested in displaying your arts to the Poised Creation Nation be sure to visit that link above (USA graphic) and join follow our Twitter account for your city. We will follow you back and begin the tweeting. If you would like a more exclusive audience join our Poised Creation Facebook Group below. We are like one big happy ARTS FAMILY!! Here you can post your art pieces and projects upto 1 once a month. This growing community of artists, fans, and musicians are your first line in getting your arts and projects noticed and critiqued year round. 

At Poised Creation we are firmly committed to aligning as many projects as we can to Charity concepts. The charity programs of our time in age are poised to change the world and the way we deal with the social issues we face. Rather than relying on government entities we feel that bolstering the everyday charities that do LESS arguing and more "ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES AND GET WORK DONE" will show the world they are capable of providing solutions and taking care of their issues better than a bunch of Over-Paid-Politicians. (we are off our soap box now) Click below to help us and our featured charities change the world and the hearts and lives of people one-by-one. 

Another way Poised Creation works with these charities is through our participation and creation of local art festivals. When you have a chance to support these festivals we feel they are one the most important fun times a person can have. We say important because a portion of all proceeds from these festivals go to the charities. Secondly we raise additional donations through various fundraising events at the festival. And finally we bode fun times because the Poised Creation showcases come to life with artists of all kinds performing what it is they do best!! It is by all accounts the meaning of a LIVE culture for all of our generations to experience. 

If we have not answered a question, left a stone unturned, have a website technical issue, and/or you would like to drop us a line of support please fill out our support page form. We hate forms too but this gets your issue right to the doorstep of those that can help you quickest! We will stick our best and brightest on it pronto!

Finally we would like to extend our greatest gratitude to YOU. You could be an art fan, art critique, artist, or just an unbiased observer. In any case the arts of our world will not survive without your concerted efforts. You may not always have someone there thanking you and telling you the important function it plays in our society and overall psyche but when you are here at Poised Creation please know you are highly valued and we understand and gratefully appreciate the contributions and support.

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